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Professional teeth cleanings are the mainstay of good oral hygiene and dental health. It's not only that this preventive service removes professional teeth cleaningsharmful plaque and tartar, but teeth cleanings also allow your dentist, Dr. Larry Erwich or Dr. Elana Celliers, to stay abreast of how your teeth and gums are functioning. So you're wise to get your teeth cleaning regularly. Learn more about the benefits of semi-annual cleanings with your family dentist in Cheshire, CT.

Plaque and tartar are your enemies

This sounds a bit too strong, but research proves it. Your mouth contains bacteria, and a lot of them live in the residues that collect between your teeth and under your gums.

What's the big deal about some germs? Well, unfortunately, oral bacteria called Streptococcus mutans leads to tooth decay and gum disease--major causes of tooth loss among Americans of all ages. High levels of the strep germ are found in soft plaque which your toothbrush can miss. Hard tartar forms from neglected tartar, and it's so stubborn that only your hygienist can remove it with specialized hand tools.

What happens at a cleaning?

When you come to the dental office in Cheshire for teeth cleaning, your hygienist scrapes away the build-up of tartar and plaque. Also, using a small probe, she checks your gingival health by measuring your gum pockets, or spaces between the gums and tooth surfaces. Healthy pockets measure no deeper than three millimeters.

In addition, the hygienist takes digital X-rays as needed so the doctor can assess root and bone structure and see areas of hidden decay. Finally, she polishes your teeth with a rotary brush and mildly abrasive toothpaste. Your teeth will never feel cleaner!

The oral examination

After the teeth cleaning, your Cheshire dentist inspects your teeth and gums for signs of decay or gum disease. He or she also looks at tooth alignment and bite, assesses the condition of fillings and crowns and does a oral cancer screening. This simple visual inspection takes just a couple of minutes, but it is so important. There are almost 54,000 new cases of this deadly cancer diagnosed annually in the US, and early detection is key to cure.

Finally, Dr. Erwich or Dr. Celliers will present you with exam findings and a treatment plan appropriate to your needs. They even discuss your cosmetic dentistry needs, too--things such as tooth color, small enamel defects and more. Your smile goals are a vital part of your individualized treatment plan.

You can't be too clean

The old adage rings true when applied to your dental health. Please contact Dr. Erwich's team today to book your routine oral exam and teeth cleaning at his Cheshire, CT office. Phone (203) 272-7044.